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26B Langton Rd, Mount Barker, Western Australia 6324

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Safe Space, Safe Jewellery

Our studio is an emotionally  safe space. You will be treated with respect and kindness. Body piercing should always be an empowering experience. It is your body. We work for you. We are here to help you express yourself with the safest body jewellery and piercing procedures available in the world today.


Our studio is a physically safe space. We pride ourselves on constantly researching and upgrading our knowledge, skill and products. We are health department approved and certified by the government of Western Australia. We never use piercing guns as they cause blunt force trauma and shatter cartilage. We only use needles for our piercings. All needles and jewellery are sterile for your protection. Other tools are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner before being sterilized in our autoclave.  Surfaces are cleaned with hospital-grade accelerated hydrogen peroxide between clients. This effectively kills viruses, bacteria, spores, yeasts and other infectious micro-organisms while protecting air quality with 0% volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The environment is also protected as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® is designed to break down into water and oxygen without leaving behind toxic residue or harmful chemicals.

We use the safest body jewellery. You will be pierced with Titanium jewellery in line with the highest global standards in piercing as set out by the European Union. We do not use 'Surgical Steel' as it contains 8-15% nickel, which can slow healing and cause allergic reaction. Our Titanium jewellery is nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free for your safety and the safety of the workers who make it.


The global jewellery industry is currently saturated with sub-par and unsafe jewellery plus jewellery made with blood diamonds, forced labour and little regard for the environment or worker safety. There are sparse regulations regarding body jewellery sold in Australia and even fewer are enforced. For that reason, it is incumbent on individuals to investigate the supply chain and safety of the body jewellery they purchase.

The majority of our jewellery is purchased directly from a Thailand manufacturer with ISO14001 certification of environmental management and a firm focus on worker welfare. This allows us to better ensure the workers and environment are being cared for in the manufacturing process with the added bonus of passing on a lower price to you. With jewellery, high price does not mean high quality or even safety. Please  research your products. We also sometimes buy glass plugs handmade in Mexico,  hand carved jewellery from artists in Thailand and Indonesia, and some  jewellery from reputable wholesalers in Australia, Finland, Germany, the UK and the US





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Orgasm Enhancing Piercings

Some piercings have the added benefit of improving sexual pleasure. These include tongue piercings if your partner has a clitoris, vertical clitoral hood piercings, prince albert and dydoe piercings. We custom make jewellery that is both functional and beautiful in its simplicity. 


Nipple Piercings

All piercings include titanium (nickel-free) jewellery. When piercing with a straight barbell, a longer one will be used initially to allow for swelling. After the risk of swelling has passed it is important to downsize to protect you from too long jewellery getting caught and tearing. Your titanium downsize jewellery is included in your piercing price.

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